I had blood drawn Thursday a week and a half ago.  This past Monday I found out that my fasting insulin is 11- which is great.  That combined with the weight loss should make the reproductive endocrinologist happy.  She was out of town this week, but I should hear from her this week as to the next step.  I think we take “class”- to learn all about the specifics and how to inject the hormones.  I’ll keep the blog updated as best I can.

Gambeson has to be done by Thursday…  so far I have all the bits pinned (body front and back and arms) so I can quilt them, then I have to put them all together.  I love to sew, i love to create with textiles, I hate sewing for other people- well – I enjoy making things for hubby, he is so proud of them, but I am a procrastinator and he has deadlines….not a good mix.  I found a “to do” list in the bottom of my purse today- on it was “sew something for fun”,  LOL.