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8 weeks

well- I am not the most regular blogger in the world…

So I am 8 weeks!  Excited, a little nervous, and waiting for some “proof” other than the occasional queasiness (I know… I have been lucky) and the ultrasound pics posted by my desk 🙂

One fun thing is that there are several pregnant friends who are all due within a couple of months of myself- there’s Kat and Rebecca, there’s Laura at work- due Nov 25 and then there’s Erika at church who is due on the SAME FREAKIN’ DAY as I am- what are the odds??

I did have some bleedind during my 6th week- scared the poop outta me (which I wish I could scare outta me now), but it got me another ultrasound- which really reassured me as well as let me get another look at our lil’ peanut.  I have been released from the care of my reproductive endocrinologist and am now the sole problem of my OB.  I also got to stop getting the shots in my bottom every morning- and my bottom is thankful.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to assimilate my sewing room** into the rest of the house to accommodate the nursery.

**sewing room: place where sewing machine resides- with all the other stuff we can’t figure out what to do with.



Well, after talking things through, I figured out that even if we didn’t go to Gulf Wars Iwould be pissed off about not being able to go, cause as much as I hate to admit it- I have been looking forward to this as much as Hubby.  If I am trying to conceive, I would think positive results are more likely if I am not stressed and ticked off and resentful.  I think, since we have not really started all the “real” work when it comes to infertility treatments, ( all the hormone meds/shot, the endless ultrasounds, etc…) it is not as hard to make that decision to delay.  (Does that say something about my readiness for motherhood?  Or does it say that I understand that as soon as we have a child things like Gulf Wars will more than ever be decided by “family life” and that no plans are really concrete when children are concerned?)

So…I called the clinic to discuss our decision, and they were quite understanding.  They did tell me, however, that April would be their last month to do procedures.  That’s right- April is the  last month that UAMS Hospital is doing infertility procedures.  I knew they were closing the infertility clinic,  but I thought it was at the end of the summer. 

SO my question to them was what happens if the first procedure is not successful and we want to do another with our frozen embryos… and they explained that they would be released to the doctor/clinic of my choice and I would continue treatment there.  Here in LR it means to the only other place in town (who thankfully happen to be well respected, very competent and skilled reproductive endocrinologists).

After thinking about this for…oooh…2 minutes, I called the other place and made an appointment; they had a cancellation and will be able to see us on January 31st! ( I had called them in November to see about checking them out and the first available was Jan 15- so I feel really blessed to be able to get in so quickly- literally 2 weeks!)  I figure, if we may possibly end up there anyway- why not start there. Plus, I really don’t like the doctor we have been dealing with.

 An interesting tidbit to add to all this…The Dr’s I will be seeing used to work at UAMS, but they went out into private practice because of the restrictions that were imposed on them by the Hospital.  In addition, I was the receptionist/registration person for the infertility clinic when I first started with UAMS and worked with the very same doctors (not that they will probably remember, they had very little contact with us…). Weird, huh?

So, we’re still going to Gulf Wars (yay!).