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8 weeks

well- I am not the most regular blogger in the world…

So I am 8 weeks!  Excited, a little nervous, and waiting for some “proof” other than the occasional queasiness (I know… I have been lucky) and the ultrasound pics posted by my desk 🙂

One fun thing is that there are several pregnant friends who are all due within a couple of months of myself- there’s Kat and Rebecca, there’s Laura at work- due Nov 25 and then there’s Erika at church who is due on the SAME FREAKIN’ DAY as I am- what are the odds??

I did have some bleedind during my 6th week- scared the poop outta me (which I wish I could scare outta me now), but it got me another ultrasound- which really reassured me as well as let me get another look at our lil’ peanut.  I have been released from the care of my reproductive endocrinologist and am now the sole problem of my OB.  I also got to stop getting the shots in my bottom every morning- and my bottom is thankful.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to assimilate my sewing room** into the rest of the house to accommodate the nursery.

**sewing room: place where sewing machine resides- with all the other stuff we can’t figure out what to do with.




We’re pregnant! 

I couldn’t believe it, I had to ask the nurse several times to be sure!

I did get the news on Thursday- but they retest again in 48 hours (which would be today) to make sure the hGC numbers are doubling like they should.  The initial blood test was done at 14 days post retrieval- or 11 days post transfer- and my hCG level was 57; respectable.  I told immediate family and co-workers who knew what was going on (not that they couldn’t have guessed from my rather loud reaction).  Of course there is always a possibility that the numbers won’t rise, etc…so Hubby decided to wait until today’s results to tell his family.  Today my results were 192, I was so pleased- now I can feel more comfortable, although I’ll be a lot happier when we are out of the first trimester!

Please, wish me luck and thank you guys so much for your support, it really means a lot to me.  And Bri- thanks for being the voice of reason!

tomorrow is the day

And today I am a wreak.  I am not much good at keeping my emotions in check, in fact I am ruled by my heart and every once in a while my head gets to offer up it’s two cents.  Until now I have been quite calm and positive.  I have felt twinges and cramps in my lower abdomen, which, from what I can tell, is a good sign and I can smell things more intensely.  Other than that, no symptoms.  But then I have to remind myself- IF I am PG at all- its by about a week or 10 days at most- and what kind of symptoms would have time to manifest in that amount of time?


To cut to the chase, this morning after my progesterone shot I burst into tears.  What IF I am not PG?  What am I going to do?  This was it- our one shot.  We don’t have the resources to try again- so I am feeling that pressure.  If I am not PG, I don’t even get a consolation prize, like a puppy.  How does one go on from that place….

The waiting

yeah, I know- really original post title…

I seriously considered the whole peeing on a stick thing today- although I know that for the time being it is a bit early- 3 day embryos, 5 days post transfer- would hardly have had time to get the hCG into my bloodstream let alone my pee!  However, I find myself wanting (obsessing over) some kind of evidence that something’s brewing.  Come on, Thursday!!

So far, so good…

Well, my darling husband has eased up on the protective hovering.  I am finally allowed up from a horizontal or otherwise reclined position.  Although he has been wonderful, I am ready to get up and about; I am so stiff from just laying around!

The transfer was done on Sunday and was a success as far as the procedure itself is concerned.  We tranferred two 6 cell embryos- we got to see them on a monitor before the transfer- just amazing.  they also gave us the “petri dish” they livedin for those three days.  I now have to suffer though the “2 week wait”- the first pregnancy test is done 2 weeks from the date of the retreival- and for me that’s April 17th.  I have gone and put one fo those cheesy tickers in the sidebar- oh, the anticipation!!

So far I have no idications of anything- not that I would, but the progesterone shots are making my boobs *really* tender- not the mention my butt (where the injections given).  I have to hand it to Hubby, I wouldn’t really like to shove a 22 gauge needle in my significant other- no matter where it was.  I didn’t mind giving myself the injections, but I would hate to have to give them to someone else- especially with a needle that large. 

I’ll keep you posted.

The tranfer is tomorrow!!

Well, there has been some drama.  I had to come to terms with the fact that only three of the five eggs retrieved were able to be “ICSI’d”, and then only two fertilized.  I was devastated because my chance for a second chance cycle was gone.

Today they called us with the day 2 report and we have 2- 2cell “excellent’s”- and that at least gives us a little hope.  The transfer is tomorrow at 9:30, I have to be there with a “partially full bladder”.  I have heard many stories and how long you have to wait with this “partially full bladder” which becomes, in the end, an excrutiatingly full bladder! Can’t wait!

My Mother in Law has a Chrystler 300- nice big “cushy” car, and she called to ask us if we wanted to borrow it in favor of the sometimes ox-cart like ride our Scion gives us.  She was going to accompany us (its actually nice that she asked, and it was done in a very non-Mother-in-Law-poking-her-nose-in-where-it-does-not-belong kind of way).  Then she called back and said we could borrow the car and she wouldn’t come as she was afraid she would be bad luck! 

Progress is slow

Got a call about first labs yesterday- my estrogen is not coming up like they’d like to see, and I have 6 follicles coming along nicely – we had hoped for more there too.

They did increase the Bravelle- which is one of the drugs that stimulates the ovaries to produce follicles and help them grow- so we will see.

Wish me luck and continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, please.