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i’m going to try

It occurs to me that I could be documenting Katie’s infancy here- if not to share with others- for myself- and for her amusement later in life… blogging here would also be a nice way of getting things off my chest- cause there’s a lot on my chest lately! No, I don’t mean literally…

Unfortunately I have stopped breast feeding rather recently- I’m really feeling bad about it.  I mean, I can actually nurse her a little bit still- and if I found a better pump (Ihave a lansinoh double electric that seems to not work so well anymore) Icould probably work up to getting some of my milk back (in addition to nursing Katie with the little bit that I am still producing) but its been a bit of a hassle (I’m feeling guilty about feeling that way about BFing) anyway- so that’s just one of the  things on my mind.

What prompted me to actually post (not that I haven’t been thinking about it for a while) is listening to Hubby in the living room taking care of Katie (I’m working this morning).  She is complaining- and he is consoling her- telling her that although she really wants to be able to do it by herself (apparently she is going for the ‘back to front’ roll, she can do the ‘front to back’ roll), she has to be patient and keep trying…

And before I competely forget, I have to share what hubby said the other day.  I was remarking on Katie’s dimple- she has a cute little one when she smiles- she also has them on her knees and elbows and severalother places- so hubby says to me- “well that’s what babies are- a collection of dimples”…. I thought that was cute coming from him.

So, let’s see if I can get into a regular schedule of posting, not that I ever really was.


Sleeping Baby

My friend had her baby yesterday at 8:50AM, a beautiful baby boy.  I was able to visit around 6 pm (waited til hubby came home) and I got to hold him- less than 12 hours old.  What an amazing experience.

I have not held a baby so young before- a tiny “lump” of sleeping human- with the softest little cheeks and the tiniest little chin.  It was surreal- more so because in about three months I will be holding my own lump of sleeping baby.

My girlfriend was alarmingly chipper.  Having weathered an at home birth, she professed to being wired; I suppose it takes a while to come down from the adrenalin and the sheer relief that the birth part over.  I bet today she is tired and sore and I hope she is resting comfortably.

difficult already….

This weekend I decided to sleep in.  Usually I get up at 5:30 on the weekends just like I do on the weekdays – its my time to myself – you know- without the husband.  But this Saturday someone wouldn’t let me sleep.  Katie – like clockwork- started kicking up a storm at 5:30-  there was not a position I could be in that she wasn’t making her presence known.  Finally just got up and puttered around the house.  About 8 or so  I woke hubby up and put his hand on my belly (when I laid back down she started up again…) and he felt her kick!  It was so cool- I have been waiting for him to have tangible evidence (not just an ultrasound pic) that she really is in there.  I told him how she had literally forced me to get up and he thought that was the funniest thing!