Keeping up is hard, especially now.  Since my Dad passed away I have not felt like doingmuch, but life must go on.  I go to work, come home, feed my family, wash their clothes and go to bed, only to get up and do it all over again.  Having said that- friends and family have been good.  James has been very good.  I get a little frustrated with him from time to time, him not giving me some space, or expecting me to do this or that, but he has been very good.  Katie has been good also- although she must know something is up and her sleep patterns are all disturbed.

Kate is “doing her thing” and i hope she will be able to help with Dad’s house as soon as she is allowed.

I am taking care of the paperwork stuff and that’s okay by me.  It’s a little frustrating as I seem to encounter issues no matter what it is I am trying to do.  It’s amazing that some people give you a hard time because you are trying to give them money.

I am finding more and more that i just need some downtime.  i want to get a massage – or just lay and read- somethingrelaxing.  I am truly overwhelmed with the looming task of taking care of his business.  This will more than likely be a processthat will take more than a year.