Okay- so it’s been a while since I last posted, much has happened but mostly stuff I got moody about and I’m sure moody pregnant lady posts would get real boring and obnoxious after a while; I have gotten very good at whining- at least to myself!

Most recently we painted the Nursery- a pretty “pastel sage” color (okay it could pass for lime sherbet but we’ll just play along).  An old high school friend came up to visit and helped Hubby paint; actually he primed and painted- hubby just did a bit of touch up.  My old high school friend also brought up a number of things for us.  We now have an antique rocking chair- the seat of which I will recover.  Also there is a beautiful antique highchair- that is lacking only that little seat belt type strap.  Then there are also the two strollers, the manly diaper bag for hubby, the pile of clothes his friends pressed upon him to bring and a tiny porcelain trinket box with Katie’s first piece of jewelry- a dainty little signet ring.  Oh- and a few noisy toys (thanks!)

While my friend was here we discovered a great children’s consignment shop in Conway- in addition to the Yours Truly stores that are here- its called A kids Dream.  We got 7-8 outfits for $25.00, including some of THE cutest Tommy and Ralph Lauren dresses- things I would not be able to afford at their “new” prices.

We also got our first registry gifts delivered via UPS- the diaper bag I wanted- and the bouncy seat- both awesome and bound to be used frequently.

Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y

I also heard late last week that my wonderful friend from college- who has experienced her own battle with infertility, finally got their “referral”- meaning that they have finally been assigned, for lack of a better word, a child to adopt from China; a beautiful baby girl, who is at this time 7 months old.  The baby was abandoned on the doorstep of a nursing home and taken to a local orphanage. Her name is Yue Mei Xue- I think that’s how it’ spelled- Yue (“last name”)is the name of Yugan (city she was found), Mei is beautiful, Xue is snow, on the day when she was admitted into the orphanage, it was snowing.  They plan on calling her Samantha and keeping Mei Xue as her middle name. Congrats to them- they have been waiting three years for this darling little girl. (see the blog “yearning for a child” in my blog roll for more about my friend)